The way Russia is made

13 июня 2012, 00:00

At present, Russia as a federal state consists of 83 constituent territories of the federation that are often called areas. Each of them has a unique name: region, republic, territory, autonomous district, or autonomous region. All of the constituent territories have actually an equal status, which does not depend on its name. A head of the area is currently appointed by the President of Russia; however, they are to be elected in a vote since next autumn. All of the 83 constituent territories of the federation are divided into eight federal districts created to enhance the federal center’s control over the appointed heads of the areas.

Municipal entities currently totaling about 23 thousand represent the second level of the administrative and territorial structure of the Russian Federation. They are divided into municipal districts and municipal areas. In most cases, Russia’s large cities have the status of a municipal district. But there are exceptions. Two largest megacities, namely Moscow and Saint Petersburg, have the status of areas (they are officially called federal cities).